Amsterdam per Fahrrad

Amsterdam by bike

Rent a bike in Amsterdam

You are only for A day in the dutch capital but still want to see as much as possible? then we recommend you to explore Amsterdam by bike. Read here, how you can discover the city most efficiently and which attractions should definitely be on the list for your day trip!

First stop: Rent a bike

Amsterdam by bike
Discover Amsterdam by bike

The best and cheapest option to travel to Amsterdam is by train. that way you won’t have any troubles with trying to find a parking lot somewhere in the city centre and when purchasing a NS group ticket you pay a lesser fee than buying a ticket on your own. Moreover, there is a bike rental point close to the central station where you can rent a bicycle quick and easy in order to explore the city in the most uncomplicated way. Therefore, first of all rent a bike at central station! The best is to book in advance, that way you can make sure that your desired bicycle will be available.

Second stop: The breakfast

The bikes have been picked up and the day can start. Who hasn’t had breakfast yet is lucky, because where could you possibly have a better breakfast than at Greenwoods? This cute little tearoom doesn’t only offer different sorts of fresh, delicious tea, but also a first-class breakfast meal in a cozy atmosphere. And what makes Greenwoods even more awesome? Well, who is up for it can have their own picnic basket prepared here and take it with him or her when discovering Amsterdam by bike. Therefore, we highly recommend you to start your exciting day with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a little breakfast while the super friendly service staff is preparing your picknick basket. Afterwards, you have enough power and energy to start into the day.

Third stop: The town canal quarter

The town canal quarter is an absolute must-do for everyone who is in Amsterdam for the first time, as this it is known as the most beautiful part of the city. Locals also call it the “Jordaan” and it extends to streets such as the Brouwersgracht, Prinsengracht and Singelgracht. Simply cycle through the quarter in a relaxed tempo and see how the atmosphere here affects you. Park your bike somewhere from time to time and take a photo of the typical Dutch architecture and the variety of boats that weave their way through the canals.

Fourth stop: Anne Frank House

Amsterdam by bike
The Anne Frank House in the Prinsengracht

Since you are in the town canal quarter you are very close to the Anne Frank House that is situated in the famous Prinsengracht. But attention, here the motto is: the early bird catches the worm, since there are usualy long queues. Nevertheless you should definitely have a look inside if you are interested in the II World War in general and the common history between The Netherlands and Germany. Especially for German visitors this is a must-see, because a part of our history has been braced here.

Fifth stop: The Oosterpark

As you have explored the area around the Jordaan quarter extensively now and have even included some cultural activities, it is now time for a little break. Take your bikes and cycle to the opposite side of the city where the Oosterpark is located. Your little cycling trip will lead you through the inner city of Amsterdam and along the many canals of the city. If someone of you has read a few things about Amsterdam already before reading this article you will ask “Why not the Vondelpark?”. Well, the answer is easy. The Vondelpark is indeed the second tallest and most popular park, but therefore it is also almost always flooded by tourists. So, who prefers to enjoy their picknick from Greenwoods in a somewhat more relaxed environment by some sunshine should definitely go for the Oosterpark. And since you are with the bike, it doesn’t matter that the park is a bit more outside the city centre.

Sixth stop: Shopping at central station

If you are not tired yet, you should also definitely go shopping in Amsterdam, since there are some really awesome shops and department stores here! And do you want to know what is the best? Close to central station there are some of the best opportunities to go shopping what is perfect, as you then don’t have to carry your heavy shopping bags for a long time. De Bijenkorf and the Magna Plaza are located at the Dam square and are usually open until 19.00. Small tip: Return your rental bikes before you go on your shopping adventure. That way your bicycle doesn’t become an additional burden for you and your shopping bags.

We really hope you will have a lot of fun trying out our day trip adventure in Amsterdam by bike and of course we would be more than happy to read about your stories afterwards. Therefore, simply drop us an e-mail at or send us your favourite day trip-photo via Facebook! And now we wish you an adventurous trip through Amsterdam by bike.

Rent a bike in Amsterdam