How does this website work?

1. Please click on the button “Book now” on our homepage.

2.You will now be transferred to our main website. Here you can compare the different bike rental points with eacht other and choose your most suitable bike.

3. Choose a bike and book it easily online.

Is a delivery possible?

We are a platform that works together with numerous bike rental partners. Each partner has its own system, and of course, some of them also offer a delivery service, so please check the specific company page under “Information” and if they offer it, please contact us in order to arrange it.

Which specific bike types are available?

As Amsterdam is a city, our bike rental partners mainly offer city bikes. However, many rental points also offer funbikes, mountainbikes and other types of bikes. In order to find out whether or not your desired bike is available, you can check our main homepage BimBimBikes and use the search option. In case you shouldn’t find your desired bike there, please drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we will try to find a solution for you.

Is it possible to rent bikes on Sundays?

We are a platform that cooperates with multiple partners. Each partner has its own opening hours, so please check the specific company page to see their opening hours.

How do I know if the bikes I would like are available?

If you can select the desired bikes for your desired rental period, then they will be available. In the rare case that it’s not available, we will inform you immediately and either find an alternative solution or transfer the money back to you.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, every booking can be cancelled up to 24h before the beginning of the actual rental period and does not involve any further cost. The payment that you have done already will be transferred back to you.

Do I have to book online to rent a bike?

Yes, bicycles have to be booked online via our online platform.

Is it possible to rent a bike by phone or e-mail?

No. You can of course call or write us if you need assistance or information, but the only way to reserve the bike is to make the online booking.

Can I pay by cash on my day of arrival to the destination?

No, if you want to reserve the bikes you have to book them online through our website, so you are sure that you will find them once you arrive.

Are the prices present on the BimBimBikes website the same I would find on the website of the companies?

Yes, we offer bikes for the same prices the companies would offer you. Moreover, you can compare prices, locations and bike types between different companies and easily book online – service not offered by all rental companies –  and avoid possible language barriers.

Does BimBimBikes own the bikes and the shops listed on this website?

No, BimBimBikes offer this platform to make it easier for customers to identify and book the rental bikes at any time and anywhere in the world. For this reason, we work with partners all over the world. We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, but the address is our office’s address, not a bike rental point.

Any further questions? Please contact us through our form.

Enjoy your ride!